What Is Aluminum Copy Router Machine ?


This blog is about the aluminium copy router machine  

aluminium copy router machine


The aluminum copy router machine is an efficient tool for processing profiles made from aluminum and PVC. This type of cutting machine is compact and features automatic spray lubrication and a manual movement of the head. Its large useful scope and high efficiency makes it an excellent choice for the processing of many materials, including sheet metal, aluminum, pvc, and even some wood. It has a patented hydraulic clamping system that allows the cutter to move in two directions at the same time.


The single-head model of this aluminum copy router for sale of Ginifon can mill lock holes, water slots, and hardware holes. It also has a wiring groove. The single-head model comes with a standard profiling template that can be changed at any time. The professional version of the machine features a 1:1 ratio template and a pneumatic clamping cylinder that can be adjusted through a foot valve. The X-axis bolt measurement and a tool kit allow the operator to mill various hole shapes.



Ginifon JLF-X213 was applied to various shape holes used in aluminum alloy and the range of copy form is large which can be milled 5mm thick material a time. According to 1:1 proportion, the holes shapes can be produced onto copy form templates to make various holes copy processing. Separate processing the rectangular shapes can directly complete processing through operation scope of adjustment instead of making copy templates.


The machine adopts imported high-speed spindle bearings, imported linear bearings, hardened round guides and germany imported milling cutlers. pneumatic clamping, manual operation, easy to use, economical and practical. You can even order a Customer-Specific Template to fit your specifications. Choose an reliable aluminium copy router machine manufacturer like Ginifon, would never be a bad choice !





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