How The Aluminium Milling Machine Works ?

If you need a CNC milling machine to cut aluminum parts, you should consider Ginifon aluminium milling machine. our end milling machines are suitable for cutting end face of aluminum and are widely used in the machinery industry. These machines are suitable for drilling, boring, and special surface processing of two ends of a super long workpiece. These machines can also be used for making moulds and forming dies. In addition, they can be used to cut curved surfaces.


The rotary axes of a end milling machine can be adjusted to achieve different levels of accuracy. The rotary table is made from abrasive steel that is coated with a special coating. The rotary table can be controlled from the front to prevent the material from slipping. Besides, the rotary table is adjustable to allow the operator to change the cutting speed. This allows the user to control the speed of the axes.

Choosing a specific machine for a specific grade of aluminum is important. Usually, the feed rate of a high quality milling machine is 0.1 to 2 mm per revolution. However, the feed rate of a lower-quality aluminium milling machine should be between 0.05 and 2.03 mm per revolution. To avoid spotting and other defects, it is recommended to use soluble-oil emulsions or mineral oils. The cutting fluid should not contain chlorine or active sulphur as they can cause the machining of aluminium to become dull and brittle.


The feed rate is the distance that the workpiece moves per revolution. The feed rate depends on the rigidity and strength of the workpiece. It should be between 0.05 and 2.03 mm per revolution. For rough cutting, dry cutting is best because it promotes built-up edges. If you use a water-based fluid, make sure that the cutting fluid does not contain active sulphur as it can stain the material.



The feed rate of Ginifon CNC aluminum milling machine is the distance the workpiece moves in one revolution. The feed rate is a factor that determines the speed and quality of the cut. A higher feed rate means that the workpiece will be less likely to tear or chip. This means that the machine can be more efficient and produce high-quality results faster. In addition, an aluminium milling machine has many advantages over a traditional CNC milling machine.


Apart from being effective, an aluminium milling machine is also a highly versatile tool. It can be used for a variety of different tasks, including milling aluminium sheets. Generally, an aluminum milling machine has many features to help you finish the job quickly. Its 5-axis motion can be very useful for making parts of various sizes. It also allows you to use a variety of tools. This machine will give you the flexibility to design a high-quality aluminium product.





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