Safe Guides For Opearating The Aluminium Mitre Saw

What is a chop saw, chop saw, or mitre saw ?

Crosscut and chop saws cut profiles in a straight line at 90°, while aluminium mitre saws cut profiles at an angle, however, all of these machines are used in the same orientation. Mitre, chop and chop saws incorporate a "cutting base" into the design to provide a static cutting area. While aluminium cutting mitre saws are traditionally used for cutting wood, with the right blade they can easily cut steel and aluminum profiles at an angle. Accessories such as mitre saw blades can easily cut aluminum and non-ferrous metals, or high performance discs can cut steel and stainless steel with precise, clean cuts for good results. Check out our full range of power tool accessories here.


DG 79 Double mitre saw - Elumatec 

Tips for cutting metal with a scroll saw, chop saw, or mitre saw :

(1) As with all metal cutting operations, be sure to wear safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection to avoid injury from flying splinters and fragments of metal.


(2)If you are using an aluminium cutting mitre saw with an open motor housing, simply tape a thin cloth over the openings and vents to protect the motor from metal shavings.


(3) If you are sawing hollow or thin-walled profiles (such as aluminum corners), it is best to support the metal with a piece of wood for extra support, thus minimizing the risk of the blade getting caught in the metal, which which could deform the metal being cut. 


(4) Before switching on the chainsaw, check that the guards are in good condition and adjusted in the correct position, and that all cables are clear of the cutting area.


(5) Place the workpiece on the table and secure the workpiece using sub-setters or mitre locks, and be sure to hold the workpiece firmly against the fence to ensure accuracy of the cut.


(6) Once you are happy with the machine settings, hold the workpiece against the fence, then press the saw's power switch and listen if the blade reaches full speed, then lower the blade slowly and steadily through the metal. When the cut is complete, hold the saw in the down position and release the power button - holding the workpiece firmly until the blade comes to a complete stop. Once the blade is stationary, return the blade holder to the upright position.





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