Aluminum Crimping Machine In Ginifon Overview

Aluminum crimping machine is a device that connects two pieces of metal fittings with rigid and flexible sections of pipe and tubing by deforming one or both to hold and glue together, for example by attaching a connector to the end of the cable. Hose crimps are used to assemble hydraulic hoses and are assembled by a hose crimper to make it easier for individuals to crimp their own fittings.

In other words, crimping machines are mainly used for making hose assemblies and connecting to the ends of hoses of many sizes. Two lengths of pipe are crimped together from one or both sections so that they are attached to each other. Rockford hydraulic hose presses are used for more demanding applications such as industrial hose crimping, metal forming, shop floor production operations and machine shop maintenance. Hydraulic hose crimps use a force of 360 degrees to the outside diameter of the metal or material that is to be attached to the hose.




Aluminum Crimping Machine Control

A standard parameter for all crimping operations is the final joint diameter. A crimper at Ginifon Mould when a preset crimp diameter is reached simplely manual crimping machines have an indicator that the desired diameter has been reached - the crimping operation must then be stopped. The electric crimps can be optionally equipped with a pressure control system (the crimper stops when a preset system pressure is reached).


Extend The Life of Your Crimper Machine

If you own a crimping machine in Ginifon Mould, you understand how expensive and time-consuming your hose crimping sets can be when not properly lubricated. Failure to properly lubricate the components of a hydraulic hose crimper can result in expensive repairs and expensive downtime. Well, now you can extend the life of these components with the new high pressure crimping oils. This crimping oil properly lubricates the hose crimping components and reduces friction and wear. Crimp Oil will not attract or hold dirt, which is especially damaging to dies and crimp assemblies. Instead, it's very light and clean.



Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine

Using an aluminum crimping machine, you can produce corners of aluminum profiles. It also makes it easy to crimp corners of other materials such as steel or stainless steel. Its hydraulic system can perform corner combing in a stable manner. You can choose between two types of crimping machines: the one with the hydraulic cylinders and the other one with the pneumatic cylinders. The two crimping machines differ from each other in power and features.


The earliest one is an aluminum corner crimping machine, which is used for 90-degree corners. Its mechanical linkage device realizes complete synchronous corner combing. Other features include a crimping blade with multiple points, a vertical adjustment system, and two sets of universal c-type pliers. Moreover, the synchronized feeding device prevents unnecessary deformation. The other two are similar to the aluminum crimping machine.


Ginifon as professional crimping machine manufacturer, our latest corner crimping machine has the advantages of pneumatic crimping knives and a patented hydraulic crimping system. The hydraulic crimping knife has a high precision and a large punching force. The combining cutter is adjustable and is auitable for high profiles. It has a free internal positioning system and an automatic adjusting mechanism. Unlike traditional crimping machines, this machine does not need an operator, which makes it an ideal option for small-scale businesses.





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